Regal Seafood Picnic Pack

Regal Seafood Picnic Pack

Regal Seafood Picnic Pack

£37.95 £32.95 SAVE: £5.00

A selection of treats perfect for your picnic, with a fantastic saving!
Everything you need for a picnic, or for days when it's too hot to cook!

Regal Superior Prawns (frozen) 200g John Ross smoked salmon (chilled) 16 Seafood Sticks (frozen) Salmon Pate (chilled) Mackerel Pate (chilled) lemon and Parsley Salmon Flakes (chilled) lemon and Parsley Mackerel Flakes (chilled)
Everything you need for your Summer picnic with a £5.00 saving!

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Average serving
4-6 people
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All ready to eat (some items will arrive frozen)

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